VR technology will help overcome the fear of public appearances and height

Many people are unable to overcome even the most irrational fears. Samsung suggests that virtual reality can help to taming some of them.

The Korean concern has just launched a campaign called #BeFearless (fearless or fearless) and the first part of it is to help people fight public fears.

The four-week campaign is aimed at volunteers who want to get rid of the fear of speech, so this is a special virtual program that teaches you how to overcome such anxiety step by step. The program consists of several different scenarios with realistic sound, during which the participant must perform various tasks.

Scenarios take place at school, office and at business meetings and are designed to simulate a large audience, giving you the opportunity to experience what the participant waits for during a public appearance, surrounded by his or her home. In this way, the test participant should gain more self-confidence, which he can use in real life.

Another fear that could help to overcome virtual reality is fear of height.

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