The nightmare lamp lures its light

Monkfish, also referred to as the “sea devil” is one of these species of animals which, with their extraordinary skills, can not only delight, but also to remind them that refinement in killing is not a feature of Homo Sapiens.

Currently considered by the ecologists as a threatened species (which is opposed by passionate lovers of excellent, unusual meat of this fish) has become an insult to the artist Justin La Doux. The light source attached to the lure first attracts the viewer, and then, with its proximity (distance sensors), the entire “body” of the nightmarish fish is illuminated. The elements that made the sculpture-lamp come to light. It’s worn out bike parts, knives, saws and fragments of other tools.

Energy-saving lighting is not only spectacular, but can be used for the prosaically illuminated living room … Another thing: are there any willing?

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