1 available at auction

In the German Breed House Team Breker will soon be available to buy another copy of Apple-1. This is extremely rare equipment of the American concern, which has a great collector value.

Before Apple focused on the production of mobile devices and laptops, it produced home computers, and the most popular was Apple-1. It was quite a long time ago, so we survived only a few copies of this equipment, and even less so, what makes them real collectors riddles.

The computers in this series are in tremendous amounts and soon the auction will take place, where you can buy another copy of Apple-1. The machine works and is in excellent condition, so it is expected that it can reach the price of about 320 thousand dollars.

The auction will be conducted by German auction house Team Breker, who reported that the owner of the equipment is an anonymous California Berkeley engineer. The buyer of this piece of computer history will also receive the original instruction, circuit sketches, as well as the motherboard bill and the tape recorder, which was then the data carrier.

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