NASA will look for a twin of land

Kepler’s telescope, which has searched the cosmic sphere, has found many promising exoplanets in which conditions can be found for the development of life. Now NASA wants to gather some tools to find promising planets and plans to send a special satellite for this purpose.

The population of our planet is getting bigger, natural resources are closing at a rapid pace and in a while you will have to look for a new home where humanity can continue to grow. NASA using the Kepler telescope has been looking for such a home for several years and found some promising planets. The telescope can, however, explore only a particular segment of the cosmos, and for a broader search one needs something else.

NASA is working on a TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) satellite that will search for life-changing planets. The device observes stars and searches for the shadows of planets orbiting on their background. Then he will calculate the size of the planet and the length of its orbit, so that the scientists will determine whether the object is suitable for habitation.