Myths will return with a new cast

Discovery intends to reactivate the popular science-fiction program “The Blast Myths,” which has been broadcast on television for many years. The new series is supposed to be called “MythBusters: The Search,” but the original ones will not appear in it.

For nearly 10 years, Discovery has produced the most popular and popular “Myths and Thieves” program, in which they experimented in a fun way with a variety of scientific puzzles. The series formula was completely exhausted after a time, so it was decided to remove the program from the antenna.

The fans had a completely different opinion on this subject, so Discovery promises to resurrect the program. The new series is titled “MythBusters: The Search,” but we will not see the original leads, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, but newcomers.

The network has hosted a host of homegrown contestants Jonathan Lung and Brian Louden. The first one is a designer of commercial products, the other is a pilot and an ambulance driver. The concept of the program will remain the same, so the leaders will build different machines to test myths.