A real light sword? All hope in science

What exactly is a light sword? To sound scientifically, it would be easiest to say that his blade is a form of concentrated energy stored in the force field. This obviously does not explain because, at least now, we can not do this type of construction. But maybe?

The sword, which is illuminated by the color of the blade, is able to cut everything apart from the blade of another light sword is the dream of many Star Wars fans, but if such a weapon was indeed created, they would certainly be interested not only in gadgets. Is it possible at all? It turns out that in theory yes, although a real light sword, which functions to correspond to this film, would have to visually slightly differ from it.

Probably the most popular belief in light swords is that their blade is a laser. Despite the visual similarity and the fact that lasers are actually used for eg cutting complex shapes from sheet metal sheets, the basic aspects such as the fact that the laser beam that is not absorbed or reflected will continue indefinitely, the bright color visible only in Darkness, the two beams in the event of a collision just to penetrate, quickly crossed this hypothesis.

The light-emitting glow of the sword could be created using a plasma. Ionized matter, which we observe even when looking at neon light, can also handle most materials, which is used in plasma burners.

The stream from the burner, despite its limited length, would be far to the slender Jedi’s sword blade, so it would be necessary to use an electromagnetic field, in addition to keeping the hot rays away from the hand of the knight.

So we have an effective blade, however, which can not, however, pair up another blow. So you need a hard core capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. This limits the choice to … pottery. To make the design meaningful when the sword is turned off, the ceramic core would have – like many toys pretending to be luminous weapons – a telescopic structure that hides in the handle.

Finally, there is the problem of powering the device with energy that could be stored in the handle. Without going into details, it can safely be assumed that sufficiently destructive sword blade power will reach around 20 MW, which would be sufficient to feed a small town.

The French have won the “right to be offline”

Since January 1, several changes have been made to the legislation in France. One of them will surely enjoy the job because it allows you to ignore emails and phone calls from the boss if communication is made after hours.

Work day should theoretically end all communication with the boss, because everyone wants to rest and have time for the family. In practice, however, it looks very different and depending on the duties performed, the boss contacts the employee often after he has returned home.

In France, such situations have just disappeared, as new regulations have come into force on January 1 this year, which introduce a significant change in this regard. Firms employing more than 50 people have to set hours with the crew, during which the employee will have the full right to ignore emails and other forms of communication with the boss. So if the manager wants to receive the latest reports when we eat dinner, he will have to wait for the hours worked.