Selfie can help steal your identity

Experts warn selfie lovers not to show the sign of peace while shooting. It can be used by criminals to steal your identity, allowing them to take possession of fingerprints of the victim.

The cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated methods of attack, which are very difficult to defend. One of the most popular activities of such people is identity theft, which allows them to catch a good catch while living on their victim’s behalf.

You may think that getting data to create a false identity is very difficult, but it is a misleading impression. Isao Echizen, a professor at the Department of Digital Content and Media Research at the National Institute of Informatics, says that it is quite easy. It is enough for selfie, on which the victim performed the so-called. Peace sign, that is, put the letter V.

The professor claims to have conducted tests that allowed him to obtain fingerprints from such photographs. Considering that today’s biometric systems are playing an increasingly important role, this is certainly a big threat. A criminal with a victim’s imprint may access her or her smartphone or laptop and then be able, for example, to make a purchase at her expense or to withdraw money from her account.

Echizen assures that, along with his team, he is already working on a system that will protect users from stealing their fingerprints from the photo.

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