Parrot enriches dron o Navigation system in rooms

Parrot announces a new dron equipment package. The set called, will improve their maneuverability when used indoors. Modern sensors will easily bypass obstacles in their path.

Drones are usually used in open areas, but recently there have been a growing number of ideas for their use in buildings too. Small appliances can act as a watchdog, guarding buildings and building catastrophes, finding victims.

They could have even more applications if not for the fact that small spaces are not a safe environment for them. Too many obstacles to break down. Parrot engineers want to solve this problem and work on a special set of names

This is an additional computer that uses the Nvidia Tegra K1 processor running on Ubuntu 14.04 and the Robotic Operating System overlay. Equipped with ultrasonic sensors, two fisheye cameras, a barometer and a magnetometer. The purpose of the system is to detect objects located on the road drona and make a map of the environment within a radius of about 15 meters. This will allow unmanned persons to bypass obstacles while operating in autonomous mode.

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