1 available at auction

In the German Breed House Team Breker will soon be available to buy another copy of Apple-1. This is extremely rare equipment of the American concern, which has a great collector value.

Before Apple focused on the production of mobile devices and laptops, it produced home computers, and the most popular was Apple-1. It was quite a long time ago, so we survived only a few copies of this equipment, and even less so, what makes them real collectors riddles.

The computers in this series are in tremendous amounts and soon the auction will take place, where you can buy another copy of Apple-1. The machine works and is in excellent condition, so it is expected that it can reach the price of about 320 thousand dollars.

The auction will be conducted by German auction house Team Breker, who reported that the owner of the equipment is an anonymous California Berkeley engineer. The buyer of this piece of computer history will also receive the original instruction, circuit sketches, as well as the motherboard bill and the tape recorder, which was then the data carrier.…

Myths will return with a new cast

Discovery intends to reactivate the popular science-fiction program “The Blast Myths,” which has been broadcast on television for many years. The new series is supposed to be called “MythBusters: The Search,” but the original ones will not appear in it.

For nearly 10 years, Discovery has produced the most popular and popular “Myths and Thieves” program, in which they experimented in a fun way with a variety of scientific puzzles. The series formula was completely exhausted after a time, so it was decided to remove the program from the antenna.

The fans had a completely different opinion on this subject, so Discovery promises to resurrect the program. The new series is titled “MythBusters: The Search,” but we will not see the original leads, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, but newcomers.

The network has hosted a host of homegrown contestants Jonathan Lung and Brian Louden. The first one is a designer of commercial products, the other is a pilot and an ambulance driver. The concept of the program will remain the same, so the leaders will build different machines to test myths.…

Parrot enriches dron o Navigation system in rooms

Parrot announces a new dron equipment package. The set called, will improve their maneuverability when used indoors. Modern sensors will easily bypass obstacles in their path.

Drones are usually used in open areas, but recently there have been a growing number of ideas for their use in buildings too. Small appliances can act as a watchdog, guarding buildings and building catastrophes, finding victims.

They could have even more applications if not for the fact that small spaces are not a safe environment for them. Too many obstacles to break down. Parrot engineers want to solve this problem and work on a special set of names

This is an additional computer that uses the Nvidia Tegra K1 processor running on Ubuntu 14.04 and the Robotic Operating System overlay. Equipped with ultrasonic sensors, two fisheye cameras, a barometer and a magnetometer. The purpose of the system is to detect objects located on the road drona and make a map of the environment within a radius of about 15 meters. This will allow unmanned persons to bypass obstacles while operating in autonomous mode.…

Selfie can help steal your identity

Experts warn selfie lovers not to show the sign of peace while shooting. It can be used by criminals to steal your identity, allowing them to take possession of fingerprints of the victim.

The cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated methods of attack, which are very difficult to defend. One of the most popular activities of such people is identity theft, which allows them to catch a good catch while living on their victim’s behalf.

You may think that getting data to create a false identity is very difficult, but it is a misleading impression. Isao Echizen, a professor at the Department of Digital Content and Media Research at the National Institute of Informatics, says that it is quite easy. It is enough for selfie, on which the victim performed the so-called. Peace sign, that is, put the letter V.

The professor claims to have conducted tests that allowed him to obtain fingerprints from such photographs. Considering that today’s biometric systems are playing an increasingly important role, this is certainly a big threat. A criminal with a victim’s imprint may access her or her smartphone or laptop and then be able, for example, to make a purchase at her expense or to withdraw money from her account.

Echizen assures that, along with his team, he is already working on a system that will protect users from stealing their fingerprints from the photo.…

Comfortable laptop mouse

Miniature transmitter, symmetrical housing, and convenience – they expect people using laptops to access their accessories. Microsoft’s new work, Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000, fulfills all of these conditions.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000 is small enough to fit into any laptop carrying bag. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it is suitable for right- and left-handed people. The WMM1000 is a great alternative to touch pads that are a pain for people working on spreadsheets or web pages.

The device works in optical technology (1000 dpi resolution) and connects to the computer thanks to a 2.4 GHz nanostructure. With its small size, the transmitter can be permanently placed in a USB port without the risk of breaking it. One battery lasts 10 months! Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000 works with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X v 10.4-10.6.…

The French have won the “right to be offline”

Since January 1, several changes have been made to the legislation in France. One of them will surely enjoy the job because it allows you to ignore emails and phone calls from the boss if communication is made after hours.

Work day should theoretically end all communication with the boss, because everyone wants to rest and have time for the family. In practice, however, it looks very different and depending on the duties performed, the boss contacts the employee often after he has returned home.

In France, such situations have just disappeared, as new regulations have come into force on January 1 this year, which introduce a significant change in this regard. Firms employing more than 50 people have to set hours with the crew, during which the employee will have the full right to ignore emails and other forms of communication with the boss. So if the manager wants to receive the latest reports when we eat dinner, he will have to wait for the hours worked.…

The nightmare lamp lures its light

Monkfish, also referred to as the “sea devil” is one of these species of animals which, with their extraordinary skills, can not only delight, but also to remind them that refinement in killing is not a feature of Homo Sapiens.

Currently considered by the ecologists as a threatened species (which is opposed by passionate lovers of excellent, unusual meat of this fish) has become an insult to the artist Justin La Doux. The light source attached to the lure first attracts the viewer, and then, with its proximity (distance sensors), the entire “body” of the nightmarish fish is illuminated. The elements that made the sculpture-lamp come to light. It’s worn out bike parts, knives, saws and fragments of other tools.

Energy-saving lighting is not only spectacular, but can be used for the prosaically illuminated living room … Another thing: are there any willing?…

He built a car size home

The biggest truck in the world is undoubtedly Belarussian 75710, whose dimensions impress on every automotive, and the 450 ton load makes it an ideal tool for quarries. The Indian builder Sudhakar Yadav created an equally large car, but here we are dealing with a passenger car.

Yadav is a well-known designer in Hyderabad, India, who made his latest project on the Guines Records Book. Owner of the Sudha Cars Museum exhibiting the most crazed cars (in his collection of 38 vehicles he himself created), built one of the largest vehicles in the world.

Its construction shown in the photos below is based on the 1922 Ford Tourer model, but it is extremely extended. The vehicle has 15 lengths, 6 meters wide and 8 meters high. For comparison Belarusian Belaz 75710 is 20.6 m long, 9.87 m wide and 8.16 m high.…