He built a car size home

The biggest truck in the world is undoubtedly Belarussian 75710, whose dimensions impress on every automotive, and the 450 ton load makes it an ideal tool for quarries. The Indian builder Sudhakar Yadav created an equally large car, but here we are dealing with a passenger car.

Yadav is a well-known designer in Hyderabad, India, who made his latest project on the Guines Records Book. Owner of the Sudha Cars Museum exhibiting the most crazed cars (in his collection of 38 vehicles he himself created), built one of the largest vehicles in the world.

Its construction shown in the photos below is based on the 1922 Ford Tourer model, but it is extremely extended. The vehicle has 15 lengths, 6 meters wide and 8 meters high. For comparison Belarusian Belaz 75710 is 20.6 m long, 9.87 m wide and 8.16 m high.

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